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Roof problems? Mr. Repair Roofing of South East Michigan is here to help! We complete roof repairs quickly, usually within a day’s work. Each roof repair comes with a lifetime warranty. Call us and get a free quote today!

Emergency Roof repair & Replacement Dearborn MI

When it comes to your roof, we take the safety and needs of the families in our community seriously. We’re committed to being your #1 roofing contractor, period.

Do you need a roof repair or a roof replacement in Garden City & Dearborn Heights, Michigan?  This question should not be answered without a comprehensive roof inspection by a licensed roofing contractor in MI. Like the pros at Mr. Repair Roofing

Newly installed roofs that have been damaged from fallen tree limbs or wind will generally qualify for a roof repair. Smaller issues, such as a hail damage and wind, can result in roof leaks that cause major water damage to the decking and roof structure.

Leaking & wATER

A leaking roof is the most common issue homeowners face. And while a heavy rainstorm may be your first indication that there’s a leak, there are a variety of circumstances that cause the damage. Don't let this problem grow.

Hail & Wind damage

Wind can cause damage by pulling up shingles to expose your insulation and wood to dry rot, water damage, and leaks. It can also wreak havoc by blowing heavy debris like tree branches onto your home, which can cause catastrophic damage.

Faulty workmanship

If your roof is improperly repaired, it can result in even further damage, like leaks, mold, discolored and soggy sheet-rock and insulation, and rotting wood rafters and framework. If it extends to the HVAC or wiring, repair costs can skyrocket.

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roofing & roof repair of garden city & Dearborn heights, Michigan

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